Monday, January 5, 2015

Listen to The Music

                             This Christmas break was heavenly- I was really horrified at the beginning, just because I thought I would become a useless blob with no homework to do (lucky for this nerd, I had extra credit art history homework!), but I actually left the house almost every day. On NYE I went down to the Wicker Park Reckless Records with my gift card, and used my checks from my museum internship for these gor-juice shoes! (I unfortunately was forced by my mom not to purchased taxidermed toads playing a xylophone; I know, I know; my life is horrible)

                                   I almost got the much cheaper version of this Stooges record, but I found out that this one had two vinyl records, one mixed by David Bowie (one of Iggy's best friends) and the other by Iggy, along with a little booklet about the record's history and effect on the Stooge's career. I loved learning in it that Raw Power was what Kurt Cobain called his ''favorite album, ever.''

                                 Oh! MY BELOVED STONES!!!!!!!!! I have been wanting their last album of the 60's for so long, and there is literally not one song on here that I don't whole heartedly  love.

                                  I know I'm female and if I wear a Nirvana shirt I'm just a stupid poser who's favorite song is the only one I've ever heard, which is Smells Like Teen Spirit (WHICH WAS INSPIRED BY SOMETHING KATHLEEN HANNA, THE LEADER SINGER OF ONE OF THE MOST FAMOUS RIOT GRRL BANDS, SPRAYED ON KURT'S WALL), but Bleach is my favorite album.

                                   Hole satisfies every auditory  and aesthetic need of mine; Courtney, in my opinion, is right along with the other 90's ladies of style, like Kate Moss. And, um, every song in this album is incredible. ''Plump'' and ''Doll Parts'' are my faves.
                               Do you remember my UFO sweater from a long time ago? This is it, but the other side which I decided to show my affection for Hole on.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Grunge Baby

                               Hello fashion...people...whatever... During break I've been descending even further into my Nirvana/Hole obsession. It also works because I think, no matter what music period I'm into, I've had a mire grunge style; the torn jeans, fuzzy sweater, messy hair.

                                     I made this vest also by myself! Yay! I was inspired by my new love and the punk book I just got. because its hand made. Basically. :P

                                 I have so much love for this book; the vintage pictures of the movement are absolutely gorgeous, despite being almost exclusively in black and white; my favorite modern, inspired looks are the ones by Rodarte and Margiela.
                                  I got this vintage coat today at the Village Discount. I managed to look beyond the horrifying Mount Everest of self help books and find it. The jacket is faded pink leopard print.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Me, Poetry, and A Seriously Wacky Hat

                            I feel terrible for how ''often'' I update this blog, which isn't that much. I've just been studying a ton lately, and I'm homeschooled, so most of my school assignments are online, which makes any extra use of the computer feel like my eyes are melting out of my head. And lets face it; Shake It Up reruns are totally worth 2 hours of your life.
                        I spent today with my mom, Christmas shopping and seeing David Bowie Is (my second time, her first). I also got my first Betsey Johnson piece, this hat:

                                Collage is my new favorite craft; this one is of roadies and musicians from a torn up Creem magazine. Oh, and Snuffalopagus and Twiggy.

                                  Me as a stick figure having one of my ever frequent bouts of nausea"

                                  I just made this one tonight. Its a collage of all my favorite models, such as Twiggy, Lauren Hutton, and Veruschka. I put a poem in the middle of it:
                                     I am
                                    the girl you know
                                    blazing me through the pages
                                    of fancy free
                                    woosh and swing
                                    clean and fresh
                                    or POP
                                    and happening.
                                    You see me,
                                    never, ever to understand me.

Friday, November 21, 2014


Clothesclothesclothesssssssssss! Bee-oo-tiful clothes! I haven't done a clothing post in such a long time, so I have three outfits to catch up with, and some new designs I sketched up (now i want to be a designer! yay career confusion!). Here's an old dress of my mom's that had lived on various closet shelves for over 20 years because no one realized how easy it was to repair! And, yes, I did the repair!

                               This is an Emmanuel Ungaro 80's dress, with some fabulous shoulder pads. I think the pads are subtle enough to not look too SUPER CAREER WOMAN POWER SUUUUUUUUUIT!!!

                                   This is a gor-juice flapper dress I purchased at an estate sale. I love how colorful it is, and it has an odd 60's look, since many of the hippies resurrected vintage 20's- 30's looks from thrift shops.

                                   My gorgeous, fantabulous, cutey patooties wittle tiny kitty cat princess best friend; she is perfection materialized (even though she scratched my hand yesterday!

                                   Sketchbook of moi. My favorite models and Diana Vreeland:

                                 The December issue of Vogue is even better than the last; I loved the articles about costume designers, like Sandy Powell and William Ivey Long; I very seriously recommend reading Long's story in the 2014 Met Gala Vogue Special Issue. He moved to the Chelsea Hotel just to meet Charles James!

                                   How the beading on the Divine dress:

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Me: An Update

                                            Lately I've been pretty confused. And have felt unproductive. I do my school work, talk to friends, do some reading, and listen to music (my latest music adventure has been the Stooges), but I haven't been doing much myself, especially on my blog. I still love fashion. Yesterday I bought the November issue of Vogue; Natalia Vodianova was so beautiful on the cover, in her shining gold Chanel dress. And when I opened the magazine, the first thing I saw was an image of Karlie Kloss, painted pure white with roses on her head and breast. It dazed me, and  brought my heart up from the slightly blah place it has been in lately. Dazed is my favorite place to be; something special, significant, poignant, whatever, strikes you, and for a few moments in time, its just you and that something (the Stones, David Bowie, Karlie *yes, first name basis*). But I also feel unsure. Fashion will always be a part of me, but I feel my interests straying occasionally.
                               Music became a more important part  of my life this past summer. I saw a documentary about Ed Sullivan, and seeing the Stones perform such amazing music really changed me. I had finally found a missing piece I only distantly knew was gone. Then, I started reading about them and seeing pictures of them, so then I saw who they hung out with (Bowie, Iggy, Lou) and it was an upward spiral from there.
                               But I don't think music will ever be a career for me. I can't sing (I lip synced my way all through church choir), and writing about it is too hard. You don't want to worship these people, because 1: they could be a super jerk with a super talent to match, so it would be best to just see their work as work itself, unless you meet them and they give you a flower garland and say some stupid poem that you pretend means something, or 2: no one should be put on a pedestal, and celebrity worship leads to, at the least, acceptance of all their work, good or bad. And I feel like I'm still in the worshipful stage of fandom. In order to be a good music writer, I need to dedicate my life to music (not something I am willing to do) and defend it, which often times means criticizing it (or acting like a stuck up jerk and being the only person not dancing in the arena). How could I possibly break it to Mick that *gasp* ''Dancing in The Street'' was kind of campy? Or did they mean to be that way?
                             I also started writing poetry, about lost rock stars, myself, and other people I see laying on my neighborhood high school's football field. And I write about dresses and clothes, the way you can get so lost in them, and how that makes them awesome. This essay or whatever it is is starting to sound confusing and convoluted, but I guess that shows how I feel right now.  I don't know exactly what I want to do with my life, or even my day. I just know it will be something creative, stylish, and inevitably something ''rock'n'roll'' related. I'll probably be a writer of some sort. Whatever.
                         Anywaysie daisie,   heres a list of things I really recommend, am inspired by, and have been up to:

1.) Lorde's new video:

2.) Basically anything Rolling Stones/Stooges/Led Zeppelin related

3.) And I started knitting this tank top (and yeah, it is kind of weird to end a list at four, but WHATEVER, DUDETTE):

                                          This is the back of my tanktop (starring my cute little toesies)

                                    Here is the front in progress:
                                     And this is my pink mohair yarn I am using:

                                   Selfie with my precious Bowie book; so, so many valuable life lessons:
                                   And finally, wonderful, fabulous Natalia. The pictures (especially the cover) were stunning, but it made me angry that her name was at the bottom of the cover, while last month Reese Witherspoon's cover had her name right at the top. Let's face it; models have a special way of wearing clothes and being stylish that no one, NO ONE, can touch. And they deserve that honor.*dramatically leaves podium without bowing* *cymbals*

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Giambattista Valli Spring 2015

                                  Before I start this review I wanted to say how sad I was to hear that Oscar de la Renta passed away yesterday. He was one of my favorite fashion designers, and even when outfits in his collections weren't to my absolute liking, the beautiful ones were so poignant and blew anything sub par out of the water. He is a classic American designer (not from America, but his career was mostly here), and learning about his career and life is essential to even the most basic fashion education.
                            Look 1 was a favorite; how rarely that happens! It was a cute little short number, in a white, creamy shade with delicate flower buds and black pop art drippy black shapes. 2 reminded me a lot of the dresses from Chanel's recent Texas themed collection. Woven and patterned with little white, black, and patterned leaf shapes. It did have a stiff shape, but the feathers gave it a very light, shell-like look. 4 looked cool all together, but when you don't have the necklace with the giant silver circles, how exciting would the top really be? 5's top was beautiful; it had the same idea as 1's print, but with green buds and white with black outline shapes. Look 6 may have been my most favorite. It combined the drippy shapes from 1 and 5 that I love so much, with the woven dress of 2. The black shapes without flowers made it simply delightful. So modern and just plain elegant.
                         I didn't really understand the fringed looks, especially 8. Fringe taken out of its hippie or cowboy style looks out of place and cheap. 9 had a very Christopher Kane look, with the circle flowers on the skirt. 12's top was torn, or at least it looked like it. Was she subjected to a bear mauling? 15 was very different from previous looks; the top had shapes related to 1's shapes (maybe their cousins?), but this time they were all scattered together, very Jane Miro looking. The skirt had little lilac flowers falling down the skirt. 17's combination of chaos was way, way too much. I don't think the shapes even fit together. 19 didn't help at all, adding fuzzy texture to 17's soup.
                         After these looks we just got a bunch of bad rip offs of Keith Haring style squiggles and just wrong prints, like in 23. It looked like badly combined wall paper. 30's short jacket was a breezy combo of dark blue and white; I loved it, and found it very stylish, but it looked a lot more ''winter'' to me (though it didn't look very warm). Most of it was pretty disappointing after this, but 36's pants were metallic, white, blue, and floral. The shine wasn't too shiny, but certainly not understated. Very chic. The last look, 44, was okay; the flowers were pretty, but it just wasn't exciting. Or terribly original.
                         The first looks of this collection were beautiful, spring, and modern. But this collection was bogged down quite a bit by strange patterns, bad combos, and wrong shapes. 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Stella McCartney Spring 2015 Review

                             Like Simone Rocha, I have always admired Stella McCartney's designs SO MUCH, but have never gotten around to reviewing any on this blog. Well today, I shall start!
                          I really loved look 5. The way it wrapped around the neck at the top with the belt buckles wasn't too ''tough'' looking, and the dark blue simplified the look. 6 was a little too plain and baggy, and unlike 5, the belt buckles really stuck out, since the dress was pure white. I didn't get the holes in 7 and 9. They just weren't exciting, and the outfits still looked plain. After this there were a few sloppy looks, but 15 was amazing. The denim was so blue that it didn't look too cheap (as very expensive clothes trying to look ''down to earth'' often do), and the four little fuzzy lines and zig zags were cute additions.
                       Look 21 was gorgeous. Short, dark black, and silky. I have never seen a black outfit this feminine, this girly and fun. 23 had a kind of ''inside a seashell'' look to it, shimmery pink with a little blue on flowing, light fabric. 25, disappointingly, was quite ugly. The hot pink/blue plaid dress looked like a garbage bag, and the jacket was torn up like an over-filled one. Many of these looks were very ''pajama-like'', and distressed in the most unflattering ways.  They honestly just looked tattered. 33 was a very airy slip dress, with cut outs that weren't too big. I really loved the combo of black with the holes; they made the dress look even more light.
                  Look 35's sweater would have been really pretty, with the little blue branch shapes on white, but the illusionistic parrots looked out of place. 39, I'm sure, was my most favorite of this whole collection; all the different prints were put together like a rainbow. 40 had kind of the same idea, but was shorter and the prints were in more darker and cloudy shapes. It was such a wonderful collage.
                   What I loved about this collection was how perfectly ''spring'' many of the looks were, while still being very different from each other. I didn't like the sloppiness of other looks, and the ''grungy'' or ''distressed'' looks just looked torn up.